A Force of Nature wins best film at Byron Bay

Press release from BBFF

A FORCE OF NATURE: The David Suzuki Story was light night awarded Best Film at the Byron Bay Film Festival.

David Suzuki describes the film as: “a last lecture … a distillation of my life and thoughts, my legacy, what I want to say before I die.”

FORCE OF NATURE: The David Suzuki Story celebrates the life, work and legacy of the internationally renowned, award-winning scientist, broadcaster and environmentalist.

Now nearly 75 years old, in FORCE OF NATURE, David Suzuki looks back on his life and the forces that shaped him, including the impact on his Canadian/Japanese family of being interned during WWII. The film is a heart-felt distillation of his incredible life’s work that reaches across the major social, scientific, cultural and political events of the last 70 years and delivers a life-changing message which transcends race, class and age.

Suzuki looks unflinchingly at the strains on our interconnected web of life, and out of our dire present circumstances, he offers up a blueprint for sustainability and survival.

Michael Wrenn from Curious Film, the Australian/NZ distributor of FORCE OF NATURE, said that, the film has been warmly received by audiences in Byron Bay, but also at earlier Australian Moonlight Cinema screenings in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney.

The film will open at selected cinemas across Australia in the coming weeks. But Curious Film is also inviting audiences to organise their own digital DIY charity screenings of the film.

“By making the film available digitally, we are able to offer a screening anywhere, any time and to anyone who’s keen to see it. We’re encouraging concerned individuals, environmental agencies and organisations, schools and community leaders to take the initiative set up a screening,” says Michael Wrenn, from Curious Film.

DIY screenings can be arranged simply by contacting a local cinema or other venue to arrange a suitable date for hire and by emailing to arrange a copy of the film and to receive promotional materials. Curious Film charge a minimal flat screening fee, plus venue will require hiring fee.