Adobe previews Camera to Cloud integration with RED and Fujifilm

Adobe has previewed new integrations for Camera to the Cloud.

Adobe has given a first look at new Camera to Cloud integrations for RED Digital Cinema’s V-RAPTOR and V-RAPTOR XL camera systems and Fujifilm’s X-H2S mirrorless digital cameras.

Camera to Cloud technology allows production teams to automatically transfer media from the production set to the cloud, so that post-production teams start work on the footage immediately.

The newly announced Adobe integrations are designed to further streamline the process by transferring media directly from cameras to organized folder structures, without the need for intermediate devices.

RED Digital Cinema president and co-owner Jarred Land said his company was proud to build on its history of working with

“As we introduce this technology to deliver direct RAW and proxy files directly to edit via the cloud, we are excited for users to start unlocking the benefits that cloud collaboration can bring to productions at all levels,” he said.

Fujifilm corporation Imaging Solutions Division general manager Masato Yamamoto said natively integrating Adobe’s Camera to Cloud with Fujifilm’s X-H2S mirrorless cameras removed “a huge time barrier between production and post for photographers and videographers”.

“It’s not just ground-breaking, it’s game-changing,” he said.

“We’re honored to bring this technology to mirrorless digital camera users around the world, and we’re excited to see what comes next.”

It comes as Adobe unveiled new AI capabilities across its Creative Cloud apps and Adobe Express.

They include Adobe Premiere Pro, which applies color adjustments and accelerates color correction workflows, while Remix automatically retimes music to match the selected video clip.

Elsewhere, After Effects Scene Edit Detection uses AI to automatically detect scene changes in an edited video clip, then turn scenes into individual layers or create markers at edit points for faster project setup.

Adobe has also built on Substance 3D Capture’s existing 3D materials workflows with new AI functionality that can create and intelligently enhance photorealistic 3D textures from either a live camera or specified images, enabling the creation of professional-class 3D content based on any physical location.