Adventures of a Happy Homeless Man set for limited run at Sydney’s Chauvel

Australian independent feature Adventures of a Happy Homeless Man is set to screen at Sydney's Chauvel Cinema from July 18-21.

Shot in documentary style, the film is a dramedy about Rafael, a former corporate high-flyer who lost his job, his marriage and his home. 

Despite being homeless, he never loses his sense of cheekiness and his passion for music. 

Using the moniker Bobo the Hobo, he tries to pursue a music career and an acting career. 

“I wanted to make a movie that’s entertaining and also makes people think," said director Dicky Tanuwidjaya. 

"The top layer of Adventures of a Happy Homeless Man is a comedy. It’s about a mischievous man who deals with life difficulties with confidence and his own unique humorous view of life. Underneath the comedy layer, there’s a subtle-yet-impactful drama layer that ask the questions about happiness, passion, self-discovery and love."

Felino Dolloso (Balibo, Maximum Choppage, House of Hancock) plays Rafael.

“What’s unique about this character is his sense of humor and courage," Dolloso said. 

"For a person who has lost everything, he doesn’t give up on life and he is very resilient. He tries to forget that he is in pain by pursuing other interests that would distract from facing what he is going through. I think this film humanises a homeless person so we don't just see them and ignore them. It acknowledges the fact that they are present in the community.”

The film's cast also includes Robin Queree (Australia, Gabriel), Eliza St John, John Gomez Goodway, Jemwel Danao and Demitra Alexandria.

Most of the cast have theatre backgrounds, which helped in shooting doco style with lots of long takes, Tanuwidjaya said.