Alex Proyas is creating his own studio

Alex Proyas.

Alex Proyas is building his own film studio in Sydney which will be home to his productions as well as those from other filmmakers.

The Gods of Egypt, Knowing and I, Robot director says the facility will serve as a think-tank for developing new technology and new ways to make films.

The sound-proofed studio will also function as a resource to foster next-wave auteurs through mentoring and workshops.

Providing regular updates on construction to followers of his YouTube channel Mystery Clock Cinema, he likens the facility to a permanent, virtual sets studio.

“As the technology becomes ever more affordable, the time is right to build something like this,” he says. “It’s not a huge space but it’s cleverly designed so you can do amazing stuff here.

“The crew numbers can be much reduced and the production can be streamlined to an astonishing degree.

“I’ve always enjoyed shooting, editing, mixing sound and VFX along with writing and directing, and now I can do all of that in one facility.

“I will also explore motion capture and virtual set technology to maximise the compact shooting space we have to work in here.”

Due to be officially unveiled early next year, the studio has a cyc wall, a green screen and remote-controlled lighting on a grid five and a half metres above the ground. Upstairs there will be 75 square metres of office space, an editing suite and a sound room.

The filmmaker has been making short films such as Phobos, which starred Bonnie Ferguson, while he prepares his next feature The New Country, a time travel story/rock musical which he’s written and will produce with Bradley Fischer (Ready or Not, Suspiria, Slender Man, Shutter Island, Black Swan).