Bonnie Ferguson takes centre stage in ‘Just Ruby’

Bonnie Ferguson in ‘Just Ruby.’

Bonnie Ferguson has wrapped filming her first feature lead role in Giovanna Mercuri’s dramedy Just Ruby and will follow that by starring in Violet Daze, a proof-of-concept for a horror movie.

Earlier this year she had a supporting role in Moon Rock for Monday, a coming-of-age road movie from first-time writer-director Kurt Martin, and she collaborated with filmmaker Alex Proyas on two projects: short film Phobos and a photographic exhibition.

Last year she appeared in the five-part TV series Made for This, which the creators Steven Carnuccio, Domenic Di Mento and Daniel Pike are shopping to broadcasters and streaming services

“It’s been a busy couple of years,” says the actor, who plans to have a crack at the US in the middle of next year after signing with Shelter Entertainment’s Andrew Howard.

Scripted by Damien Leith and Eileen Stapleton, Just Ruby stars Leith as Irish singer Danny, who meets sisters Betty and Ruby Stone (Ferguson and Danielle Rodney) while performing at a local pub in outback NSW.

Romance and drama ensues amid a crippling drought and the resurfacing of an earlier tragedy. After a call-out to actors Leith sent one scene to Bonnie, who filmed it and also sent him her showreel.

“I was blown away,” he tells IF. “She plays a troubled character, a meaty role. She is a phenomenal actress, one to watch out for.”

Paul Hughes plays Danny’s brother Liam, who contributes to the chaos. A singer, songwriter, producer, playwright and TV/radio host who won Australian Idol in 2006, Leith composed several songs for the movie.

‘Just Ruby.’

George Pullar and newcomer Ashlyn Louden-Gamble head the cast of Moon Rock for Monday, the saga of a guy on the run who embarks on a road trip with a terminally ill 11-year-old, produced by Lunar Pictures’ Jim Robison.

Ferguson plays a 22-year-old hippie who picks up the two hitchhikers. “From what I have seen, I think it will be a beautiful film,” she says.

Proyas shot Phobos guerilla-style with a crew of three people in one day in Sydney, featuring Bonnie as a young woman who is stalked by a malevolent entity after she loses her car.

In Made for This she played a precocious sports agent who guides the career of two guys who want to break into the entertainment business.

Due to shoot in Canberra later this month with the support of Screen Canberra, writers/directors/producers Clare Langford and Marisa Martin’s Violet Daze will follow Ferguson’s Violet as she tries to stop her best friend from going to school.