Angela Cerasi launches Peachy Keen Colour, looks to mentor regionally-based colourists

Angela Cerasi. 

Colourist Angela Cerasi has launched new venture Peachy Keen Colour, with the hope to employ and remotely mentor emerging colourists based in regional Australia.

Cerasi founded the company after her own positive experiences working remotely since moving from Sydney to Brisbane; she recently remotely colour graded Netflix’s Extreme Engagement and was struck by how easy and flexible it was.

She saw an opportunity to then support emerging regionally-based post-production practitioners through a remote colourist collective, noting that talent was almost “completely untapped.”

“I wanted to create the collective as I am at a point in my career where I want to share my knowledge to up-and-coming talent. I had already been mentoring junior colourists remotely in places like the Blue Mountains and Byron Bay and seeing as remote collaboration is so accessible now I saw the opportunity to connect these colourists to clients,” she tells IF.

“Last year I also ran an initiative that offered free colour grading to five female-led projects over the course of year. The initiative drew in nearly 150 applications and this opened my eyes to the abundance of inspiring filmmakers located in all parts of our country. The idea of connecting and supporting our screen community was really appealing to me.”

Colourists will work on jobs which Peachy Keen Colour has been contracted to colour grade, with Cerasi – whose recent credits also include Reef Break, Martha: A Picture Story and Emu Runner – taking on a supervising colourist role and overseeing all of the projects which get completed.

“I have engaged a business development consultant to guide me through this start up phase and ensure that the growth of the business is sustainable.  It is a new business model and I’m very excited about the opportunities it could open up particularly for remote filmmakers and practitioners.”

Peachy Keen Colour has received support from Screen Australia’s Enterprise Business & Ideas program.

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