Announced: The 2014 ASSG Award Winners


The 18th Australian Screen Sound Guild Awards were held on Sunday 23 November at The Establishment Hotel Ballroom in George Street, Sydney.

139 people attended, making it the biggest crowd the ASSG has ever had at the Awards. Thank you to all the members and friends who attended what turned out to be a fantastic night. We would especially like to thank those ASSG members who travelled from WA, SA and Victoria to attend the event.

The Syd Butterworth Lifetime Achievement Award was awarded to Lloyd Carrick. ASSG president Doron Kippen presented the award to Lloyd, praising his work which has spanned 48 years. Lloyd has worked on such films as Mad Max 2 and 3, Heatwave, The Lighthorsemen and Dead
Calm. Lloyd received a standing ovation from the entire room.

The Greg Bell Student Encouragement Award was awarded to Callum Hedemann, a recent AFTRS graduate.

This year the ASSG honoured the late Andrew Plain by naming the Award for Best Film Sound Design after him.

Andrew tragically passed away at the end of last year, not long after the 2013 ASSG Awards were held.

The ASSG Committee would like congratulate all the winners and nominees.


The Greg Bell Student Encouragement Award
Callum Hedemann

The Syd Butterworth Lifetime Achievement Award
Lloyd Carrick

Best Sound for a Television Commercial or Promo
Ubisoft Ghost Protocol Trailer
Stuart Welch, Wes Chew, Ryan Millard, John Simpson M.P.S.E, Ryan Squires

Best Sound for an Animated Short Film
Love in the Time of March Madness
Albert Behar, Marco Velasco, Andy Wright, Adam Alexander

Best Sound for a Short Fiction Film
Can You See Them
Dane Cody, Jo Pajak, Leon East, Andrew McGrath

Best Sound for Lifestyle, Reality or Live Television
Neil McIntosh, Liam Price

Best Sound for a Tele Feature
The Killing Fields
Wes Chew, Luke Mynott, Tom Herdman, Sam Gain-Emery,Mick Boraso, Dylan Barfield, Laura Murdoch, John Simpson, James Carroll, Adrian Medhurst, Grant Shepherd, Todd Kirkness, Todd Moore

Best Sound for a Television Drama Series

Anzac Girls (Episode 6, "Courage")
Tom Heuzenroeder, Des Kenneally, Marco Arlotta, Mike Bakaloff, Nick Steele, Belinda Trimboli, Liam Egan, Peter Smith, Pete Best, Justin Astbury, Cat Connelly, Duncan Campbell, John Simpson, James Carroll, Vanessa Carr, Ryan Squires

Best Sound for a Documentary
The Search for the Ocean’s Super Predator
Ric Curtin, Glenn Martin, Ash Charlton, Steve Towbridge

Best Sound for Interactive Media
Colossatron: Massive World Threat
Cedar Jones

Best Film Sound Recording

Charlie's Country
James Currie, Josh Williams

The Rover
Des Kenneally, Marco Arlotta, Rob Nokes

The Andrew Plain Award for Best Film Sound Design
Charlie's Country

Tom Heuzenroeder, James Currie, Adrian Medhurst, James Carroll, Russell Alexander, Diego Ruiz, Duncan Campbell

Best Film Sound Mixing
Wolf Creek 2
Paul Pirola, Pete Smith

Soundtrack of the Year
Wolf Creek 2

Members’ Choice for Best Feature Soundtrack
Wolf Creek 2