Antaine Furlong’s ‘Rising Wolf’ underway in Sydney

Antaine Furlong and Charlotte Best on the set of Rising Wolf’. 

Antaine Furlong’s Shanghai-set action thriller Rising Wolf, toplined by Charlotte Best, is currently shooting at Fox Studios in Sydney.

Best plays a young woman, Aria Wolf, who is trapped and kidnapped in the elevator of a super high-rise building at the mercy of tormentors in the Russian Intelligence Agency. The film is intended as the first of a trilogy, in which Aria and fraternal twin sister Zara discover their true powers, which are the result of an incident when they were seven years old.

This is Furlong’s debut feature, and he has penned the script with Kieron Holland, with James M. Vernon and Kristy Vernon producing. The production has been financed by a single private investor, and the producers are currently in discussion with various distributors internationally.

Starring alongside Best are Jonny Pasvolsky, Susan Prior, Tahlia Sturzaker, Alex Menglet, Justin Cotta, John Harding, George Burgess and Karelina Clarke.

“You never really believe a movie is happening till that first day of filming. Those first shots make it real… real quickly.  And we have all spent years working through and developing the best way to visually capture the high you should feel at every turn in this movie,” says Furlong.

“My co-writer Kieron Holland and I, both wanted someone like Aria to be the ultimate mystery, until she discovers herself.  So, my view of this movie is very personal.  I have brought my own emotional logic to these characters and how we get that through on screen, is exciting.

“The quiet complexity of her story will fill you with a sense of horror, but also that sense of not seeing the next step as clearly as you need to in the moment, or for the future.  We want the audience to experience that unsettling misbalance that fear delivers when the unexpected just happens in front of you, and to you.

“This movie is grounded in a genuine reality, so the audience feels and maintains this connection to Aria.”

Rising Wolf is being shot by cinematographer Frank Flick, edited by Jonathan Tappin, with production design by Fiona Donovan, costume design by Dannielle Alexander, hair and make up by Jennifer Lamphee, special effects by Dan Oliver and stunts by Glenn Suter.