Armzfx owner to shoot 3 movies in the US

Sydney filmmaker Johan Earl is heading to the US to direct three action films.

The owner of Rebellion Pictures and special effects company Armzfx will head to Detroit as early as May to start work on the first of three features, which he’ll be directing and co-starring in.

Post Production for all three features would be brought back to Sydney, Earl confirmed.

Earl’s Rebellion Pictures is financing and producing the films – all with budgets between $US5-15 million – and US producer George Furla (executive producer on Rambo) and Sydney's Steve Chamberlain are also attached as producers.

The first film, entitled 9 Hours To Dawn, tells the story of a rogue cop who has till dawn to kill several witnesses in a major criminal trial the next morning. If he fails, there are dire consequences.

According to Rebellion's Sydney-based producer Denai Gracie, the movie is a “non-stop, high-voltage roller coaster ride from start to finish”.

The second movie, The Messengers, is a sci-fi action film scheduled to be shot next year, while the third is titled Jolt.

Last year’s A Perfect Life, which Earl produced, wrote and starred in has just been released on DVD in the US.