Australian actor Bren Foster joins Days of Our Lives

Former Tae Kwon Do World Champion and Australian actor Bren Foster, recently joined the cast of the NBC institution Days of our Lives.

"When you’re doing martial arts there’s a performance aspect to it to and one third of acting is actually movement and being in touch with your body, so they kind of do relate to each other quite a bit."

After a rigorous audition process, covering 6 pages of heavy dialogue and a sea of fellow hopefuls, the Australian was quietly confident—“I knew I did a good audition,” Bren told IF in interview.

“The funny thing was” he starts “the next day my manager calls me up and says look Bren you did a really good audition but the casting director’s (Marnie Saitta) not taking you to the producers.”

[Pause for effect].

“Instead they’re taking you straight to the studio test!” he laughs.

In the final stages, the Australian had to perform with Nadia Bjorlin—who plays Chloe Lane on the show—to beat out two other hopefuls for the role of “Quinn.”

“It’s an exciting time cause I don’t know how things are going to be perceived and don’t know where things are going for me.”

Two films featuring Bren will also be released this year—including the Civil War drama War Flowers.

The film features Foster as the husband of Christina Ricci and was accepted into the Cannes Film Festival.

Future projects include an —as yet unfunded— boxing drama that he developed with the director of Bad to the Bone—“that project has some parallels to my own life.”

“The ultimate goal is film,” says Bren Foster but “at the moments its just kind of Days of Our Lives.”

If that sounds ungrateful, the actor isn’t— “I’m on top of the world—what can I say? Everything is just going great!”