Australian International Screen Forum establishes alumni network

Talent USA 2019.

As part of its commitment to fostering ties between the Australian and New York-based screen sectors, the Australian International Screen Forum has established a new series of annual programs and events exclusively for alumni filmmakers.

The Forum Alumni Network (FAN) will consist of filmmakers who were selected to take part in annual industry programs such as Talent USA, Women in Screen lab, Work From Home Screenwriting Lab for Regional Writers and its directors development program scholarship.

The invitation-only program builds on the forum’s main event, which is the week-long series of screenings and industry sessions held every year at Film at Lincoln Center in New York since 2018, apart from a 2020 hiatus due to the pandemic.

Events will include discussions with industry leaders as well as practical labs and sessions, especially as it relates to financing and matching with US-based producers or talent that can help move a project forward. The program will be overseen by head of industry programs Laura D’Augello.

“The Forum Alumni Network is our continued dedication to bridging the New York and Australian industries by providing resources, support and networking to all of our filmmakers that have participated in our incubator programs since 2018,” she said.

The alumni event will include an in depth discussion with Robert Coppola Schwartzman, actor, producer, director, screenwriter, musician and co-founder of AltaVOD and Utopia Media on the future of independent distribution.

With the impact of COVID-19, incubator alumni programs will continue to be on Zoom but will also commence in person later this year in New York City.

“There is a demand from the New York based industry to interact with Australian creative on a regular basis, which is made more difficult at the moment due to travel reservations, “ said executive director Michael Kelleher.

“The FAN program gives decision makers and possible collaborators an opportunity to talk and engage with promising filmmakers emerging from the Australian market and seeking an international career.

“It’s essentially a first look at some of the best and brightest to emerge from Australia.”