Australia’s first Red feature wraps

By Rachael Turk

Principal photography wrapped this week on the first Australian feature film to be shot using the Red One 4K production cameras, which were hailed at this year’s National Association of Broadcasters conference as being a revolution in low-budget filmmaking.

Following Steven Soderberg’s recent filming of Guerilla in Prague using earlier beta test versions of the Red, independently financed Australian feature The Nothing Men, starring David Field and Colin Friels, is believed to be only the second film production in the world to shoot using the new camera technology.

With a 4520×2450 pixel (12 mega pixel) CMOS sensor that offers 60 frames a second, the Red One is touted as being a real alternative to 35mm film. DOP Peter Holland, who used two of the Red cameras on The Nothing Men, says the new technology is suited to most situations where one would consider shooting on film.

‘With 60 per cent of the film set in one location with six guys round a table, it was a challenge to keep the style and coverage visually interesting,’ he told Inside Film. ‘The Red aided us greatly with its film-like depth of field, giving us velvety, soft, out of focus backgrounds’.

Holland conceded that the technology has room for improvement.

‘Film negative still has a slightly greater range than the current Red cameras we used on this film, although all cameras are now being retro-fitted with a new daughter board which Red claim will increase dynamic range and reduce electronic noise,’ he said.

‘The Red at the time of shooting The Nothing Men was not yet fully enabled. This meant no frame rates above 25fps in 4K. This will be remedied soon and frame rates of 60fps in 4K will be obtained.

Holland also shot some shots up to 75FPS in 2K.

Meanwhile, the first television commercial in Australia to use the Red One technology commences shoot this Thursday through Sydney based Supernova Films.

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