Bachelor of Film Production at University of Canberra

Drawing on our established Media Arts and Production degree, the Faculty of Arts and Design at the University of Canberra has a NEW Film Production degree. It is designed for students passionate about digital filmmaking. We are interested in creating graduates who have the capacity and experience to develop and produce their own films. This means learning more than one technical crew role or the how-to-make-a-film basics.

We look at film students as creative practitioners. As such our course offers a blend of technical units in the crafts of Cinematography, Sound Design and Editing, as well as the ‘above the line’ roles of Producer, Director and Screenwriter.

The question becomes not just how to make a film… but what film to make. Emphasis is on developing ideas and forming creative collaborations with your peers. The screenplay is studied both as a standalone text, analysed through the eyes of a film crew, as well as a
technical writing unit.

Screen theory units such as Australian National Cinema and Reading the Movies are combined with technical workshops for Cinematography, Editing and Sound Design. Each year a Film Project Unit allows students to collaborate on developing and producing film projects. A strong elective stream allows the opportunity for a well-rounded education and allows students to engage in the digital future.

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Entry in the Bachelor of Film Production at UC is through ATAR or Portfolio Entry.

More Information on Entry options:­â€students/course-­â€details/bachelor-­â€of-­â€film-­â€production#Summary

Applications for 2015 are currently open.

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