Baxter and Me

Updated:  2013-09-25 12:44:59

Status:  In Production

Category:  Feature

Teaser: Dog lovers unite.

Synopsis: BAXTER AND ME examines the intimate relationship between dogs and humans through an autobiographic look at my own relationship with Baxter, a large brown male labrador. Baxter IS my family and I’m not ashamed to admit my love for him. But do dogs actually love humans or do we project that emotion onto them? I have been training dogs and their owners since I was 11 years old and I still do. I have lived with dogs virtually all of my life. I’m one of a breed of humans called ‘dog lovers’ for whom dogs provide my major intimacy and affection. Are we putting dogs in the rightful place of humans? Should humans be on top of other species? This film will be a meditation on these questions that come up more and more in the modern world.



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