Digital Domain’s Australian office is working on Ender’s Game

UPDATE (January 16, 2012): Cinematographer Don McAlpine ASC ACS confirmed that Ender's Game will be shot in New Orleans and that he was leaving for the US on January 19 to begin production.  

High-profile VFX company Digital Domain is understood to be working on three projects from its newly-launched Australian base including big-budget sci-fi feature Ender’s Game.

The projects are in addition to Alex Proyas’ sci-fi film Paradise Lost, which was set to begin filming in January but has been delayed due to budget concerns.

Ender’s Game, an adaptation of Orson Scott Card's popular sci-fi novel about a child who is sent to a military school to prepare for an alien invasion,  is set to star Ben Kingsley, Asa Butterfield and Brendan Meyer. 

It will be directed by Gavin Hood and filmed by cinematographer Don McAlpine ACS ASC, who last worked together on the Australian-shot X-Men Origins: Wolverine although it is not yet known where Ender's Game will be filmed.

The other films Digital Domain’s Australian office is working on are not yet known although sci-fi film Horizons, which has Tom Cruise attached, is rumoured to be one of them.

Digital Domain has been recruiting local staff since being lured to Australia by the New South Wales government in July. At the time, the NSW government said Digital Domain had committed to long term operations beyond Paradise Lost although the company has not made any public statements about its Australian plans.

IF Magazine has contacted Digital Domain but the company has been silent on its Australian plans for several months despite repeated requests for an interview.

The company, which also recently launched a joint venture in China, listed on the New York Stock Exchange this year and will host a conference call from its US headquarters on December 20 to discuss its third quarter earnings.

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