Event wrap-up: Arts minister Tony Burke attends NIDA; ‘Furiosa’ world tour in overdrive

NIDA celebrates new funding with Arts Minister Tony Burke

Arts minister Tony Burke attended NIDA this week to celebrate the government’s $51.9 million funding announcement. NIDA chair Catherine West said the funding was a pivotal moment for NIDA.

“Traditionally the organisation has been vastly underfunded for its size and impact and our financial situation has been dire. Without this uplift, NIDA would have had to stop running core programs where there are major skills shortages across the creative industries.”

The school will also also aim to grow commercial and sponsorship revenue, corporate partnerships and philanthropic support.

Furiosa on tour

Marketing for Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga has gone into overdrive with the film’s long-awaited release in cinemas finally here. The filmmakers have made appearances at Cannes, Hollywood, Toronto, London, and Mexico City.