Film Vic announces $1.2m in production investment

[Press Release by Solid Ink Communications]

Six new projects have secured more than $1.2 million in the latest round of Film Victoria’s production investment decisions. Instinct Entertainment, Macgowan Films, Southern Star Entertainment, Gristmill, December Films and 360 Degree Films will begin a second series for two successful TV shows, develop two unique documentary projects and create two feature drama films.

Sandra Sdraulig, CEO of Film Victoria, confirmed the Board’s decision, “It’s great when we’re presented with the compelling combination of innovative concepts and strong creative teams. This was definitely the case for the latest round of investment decisions which includes a real diversity of projects – from the virtual world to a period drama feature and hilarious Aussie TV characters.”

Southern Star Entertainment and Ruby Entertainment will soon begin series two of the successful television series Bed of Roses. Producers Mark Ruse, Stephen Luby, and writers Jutta Goetze and Elizabeth Coleman will continue the story of Rainbow’s End and its lead character Louisa Atherton (Kerry Armstrong). Series two is the story of a woman’s search – and a community’s search – for a workable identity in the 21st century.

Television comedy series The Librarians will hit our screens again thanks to Gristmill’s team Robyn Butler (producer/writer) and Wayne Hope (producer/writer/director). In this second series we’ll see the character Frances O’Brien back at the Middleton Interactive Learning Centre alongside her nemesis Christine, who unexpectedly provides some joy to Frances. If only Christine felt the same way – she’s seven months pregnant and quite miserable.

Producer Tony Wright from December Films will work with writer and director Shelley Matulick explore the virtual world ‘Second Life’ in a 55 minute documentary called Cyber Stars. An intriguing look at a new breed of celebrity, Cyber Stars gets up close and personal with three upcoming celebrities in the virtual arena – a musician, a game show host and a model.

Melbourne architectural photographer, John Gollings, will share his amazing life journey through the documentary Eye for Architecture. Thanks to Sally Ingleton (producer/director) and the team at 360 Degree Films viewers will be able to look through the lens with John Gollings at cutting edge architecture in Australia and Asia.

Instinct Entertainment’s Charlie and Boots is set to star Paul Hogan (Crocodile Dundee) and Shane Jacobson (Kenny) who as an estranged father and son head off on a fishing journey that takes them from Warrnambool all the way to Cape York. Along the way, Charlie and Boots begin to build a bond that until now never existed. The feature drama will be produced by Dean Murphy, David Redman and Shana Levine and written by Dean Murphy and Stewart Faichney.

Producer Marian Macgowan of Macgowan Films and writer/director Shirley Barrett will lead a team in the production of period drama South Solitary, a feature drama about thirty year-old Meredith who lives with her uncle – the new head keeper – on a remote lighthouse island. When bad weather and misadventure leave her marooned with her uncle and his sullen assistant, Meredith develops an unexpected companionship.