Freeview Plus finally sets launch date

More than five years after the free-to-air broadcasters flagged plans to introduce a catch-up service integrated with an enhanced EPG, Freeview Plus finally has a launch date: Tuesday September 2.

The broadband-delivered service will enable viewers to access all the FTA channels’ catch-up platforms from one place on TV screens for the first time.

Marketing body Free TV Australia tonight launches a TV teaser campaign showing celebrities enthusing about Freeview Plus and trailing its imminent launch.

That’s part of an extensive marketing campaign that will support retailers and manufacturers, aimed at boosting consumer awareness of the initiative.

“FreeviewPlus is one of the most important advances in free-to-air television in Australia since the introduction of digital TV so it’s important we start to generate a buzz about the new service among Australian viewers,” said Freeview general manager Liz Ross.

Manufacturers will release a range of FreeviewPlus receivers to coincide with the launch and the service will continue to be available through new connected  receivers carrying the FreeviewPlus logo including panel TVs, set top boxes and recording devices.

Freeview reps all the FTA broadcasters except WIN Corp and Prime Media.  “FreeviewPlus is all about giving Australians the best FTA TV experience, allowing viewers to find and watch their favourite shows when they want to watch them on their TV with the simple press of a button,” Ross said.

The service uses hybrid TV technology which combines broadband and broadcast TV. The technology will also enable the FTA networks to introduce a range of new broadband services.

  1. About time free to air television came to the party. I hated foxtel when i had it and then bought a hdd recorder and that never worked properly for me. I also bought a tivo set and that never worked either. Sick of wasting my money on stuff that doesnt work. I also have the channel 7 and channel 10 apps downloaded and now they freeze up all the time. The channel nine app was never downloadable on my tablet as it is samsung and not ipad. I think this is genious and am looking forward to it.

  2. Wouldn’t it be better for freeview stations to get their audio levels right before promoting something new? In Adelaide most times there is about 6db difference between Ch7 and 9. Even the ABC is not immune. Grrrr

  3. Mary, going on Freeview’s programming I would guess that Freeview Plus is an excuse to air even more repeats even more rapidly. I’m happy about catch-up (wish it was around during my many years of shift work) but after 48 hours its just a repeat. Are we really expected to be accepting of exactly the same program being repeated at 26hrs, 48hrs, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year and at least once each year thereafter.?
    It was bad enough when networks decided to maximize profits by flooding the airwaves with crap un-reality shows but never ending “catch-up” is a real insult.

  4. From the reading, it will be an INTERNET (broadband / NBN) based service. Unless you have the right TV, you will need to purchase a NEW set top box that has the ability to connect to the network (I am guessing either wireless or wired).

  5. When you say broadband channels will I need an internet connection to utalise it because if that is so then it would not be free anymore because some people have prepaid internet USB sticks and would drain your credit like YouTube.

  6. Why does Freeview Australia not have a movie channel like Film Four in the UK, some extremely crappy channels here and bombarded with ads that make any show far from worth while watching, sort it out.

  7. I’m just sick of all the ads …. And paid ads on go, gem, 7mate, 11 and one channels they already have the other crap channels that I have skipped on my TV so I don’t see them at least ABC and SBS have there stuff together they always have the better show before nine, seven and ten …. ONCE AGAIN GET YOUYR SH#%T together……

  8. We alresdy have more channels than ever but now we get the same programs on all channels. Get the main network channels showing the standard programs and put sport etc and the other rubbish on the extra channels and give us some quality entertainment for a change.

  9. I had the audacity to write to Freeview a few years back question why it had a blanket marketing campaign that wasn’t being delivered in real time. The manufacturers/importers/distributors were not making available equipment for sale that met any standards beyond Australian Standards and their unique features. The Free to Air T.V. networks under the guise of their Free TV Australia self regulatory body had made promises to the ACMA, the ACCC and the public that with Freeview, the electronic programme guide (EPG) would be kept up to date to the very minute with last minute programming changes made available immediately. The complete opposite has in fact happened with both the Seven and Nine networks being the worst offenders. Complaints to their self regulatory body went nowhere. This Freeview Plus is just another marketing hoax where the players will continue to maintain the status quo because there is no regulation to make them play fair with the Australian consumers. Self regulation is a complete joke and FreeView has the same members who maintain this facade. It is a shame the treat the market so shabbily. I wouldn’t be in a hurry to go out and look for a product with a FreeView Plus label attached, and I am sure many Australian consumers are as sceptical of this over-hyped marketing campaign. The money would have been better spent in delivering on past promises. The boat has sailed.

  10. So is this just another manufacturers ploy where we will need to purchase yet another upgraded TV that’s FreeviewPlus ready, or some device for it to run through prior to being able to access it … ie, even if we have a new, recently purchased digital ready TV? And who wants to record shows anyway, since you can guarantee that most shows will have an encore programmed within a couple of days and for most of the weekend eg, Neighbors catch-up showing for 5 hours straight on (I think) Sunday!!!😩 … or if not withing a couple days, certainly on one of the off-shoot channels eg, 7 > 72 or 9 > GEM. And what about all those truly hideous shopping channels that off-shoots of 7, 9 and 10 … they’re nothing but a total waste of space that could be put to much better use showing movies/documentaries/etc.

  11. I haven’t seen any mention of COST to the consumer,
    but if a new TV Set is required for Freeview,
    or a new set-top box, it means an expense.
    Are the currently used external antennas going to be efficient with Freeview TV ? Can we also have a good explanation of Freeview PLUS ? I see the question has already been asked about whether the existing TV sets will receive Freeview. If so, the concept sounds good !

  12. Considering the majority of Freeview content is bought from overseas and the way that the local broadcasters misuse their purchases (Gushy trailers for months endlessly promoting – and cross-promoting – the “best this year”, a couple of weeks in prime time slots and then move around the week, then into graveyard slots) I’ve long given-up on Freeview.

    A simple annual purchase of a VPN and pick the programs directly from their creative broadcaster, ad free. This way, I *can* watch what I want, when I want to, without the local networks slicing content to fit into their advertising schedule – or worst still, starting a series and just dropping it.

    Australian TV industry is stuffed – and it’s their own fault.

  13. When FTA has some shows that are worth watching, this will become interesting. Masterblock xfactorvoicerules…utter drivel

  14. free to air channels must be doing it tough, they have to put snippets of “entertainment” between their ads!!
    It has got so bad I brought a new TV but the programmes were just as bad on that.

  15. Laughing at all of these comments.
    If you read the article, it says in plain English what it is. It’s an app for internet-connected smart TVs that lets you watch some previously aired programmes any time you want. It’s ABC iView, SBS On Demand, Ten Play, etc. all in one place.

    Horrified at the thought of buying a new TV? Then don’t. Just use the services already online. No-one is forcing you to buy a new thing. Calm down.

  16. would you please advise when stb will be available to buy
    i have checked dick smith and other stores all unavailable. john

  17. will my itb bush pvr with the freeview ability would it be able to receive the new freeview plus with a software upgrade also the worst part about freeview tv is that if the tv channels don’t have the programme log;os up to date if u try to record something half the time you miss it or only get part of the programme that makes u angry as they are not helping the tv viewers

  18. It will be good to see programs when you want to. Will have to purchase a device, I hope they are not as shoddy as previous devices and that they have wireless capability. For people that are worried about internet charges look around there are some very good deals for unlimited broadband that can be packaged with your phone line, which makes life a lot more affordable.

  19. Simplicity have a channel to show documentary and movies no ads at all
    Another to show back to back sports just sport again no ads
    If u must have ads between shows not during is a smarter way to go.

  20. will the Itb bush freeview pvr I purchased last august be able to pick up the freeview plus or would it need a software update also the tv channels need a kick in the but for not changing the programme logo’s if they are running behind schedale

  21. we have a satellite dish to get freeview channels now the box was $600 plus does this mean I have to buy another box to view the freeview plus channels as we have 2 vast boxes one that records that’s going to be over $1000 to replace them

  22. we have a satellite dish to get freeview channels now the box was $600 plus does this mean I have to buy another box to view the freeview plus channels as we have 2 vast boxes one that records that’s going to be over $1000 to replace them

  23. Excuse me Faye but its not for internet connected smart tvs. Just an extension of Freeview. But not all manufactures are on board. Esp Samsung. I am wondering if it will be available on older tvs.

  24. So, after all the hype it would appear we need to buy a new TV, or a new set top box or a new Video recorder! So much for a “free” service!! Not my idea of an improvement, so I won’t be buying.

  25. More double talk…Give all the facts, price and how the system works..What channels will we be watching..For the guy that complained about Tivo, I own 2 units and they are the greatest.But channel 7 screwed Tivo up but good..Channel 7 sell Tivo to someone that can make a go of it in Australia…

  26. Hi ,
    I have just installed a Sony )^ ” smart TV KD60W600B.
    IHave loaded the Freeview Plus TV Soft ware and get all the free View Chanels with acception to Cannel Nine Jump In as it does not show on the Menu.
    Does chanel 9 have the software or have chanel Nine not launched it yet ?
    How do I get chanel Nine if its now active.

    Thank you for you time .
    Regards Alan Parker

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