Gearhouse Australian buys 10 Sony HDC-2500 camera chains

Press release from Sony

Sony Australia’s Professional Solutions Division announced that Gearhouse Broadcast, one of Australia’s leading OB technology providers, had made a major addition to its fleet, taking delivery of ten Sony HDC-2500 camera chains, three MVS-7000X switchers, two HDC-3300R super slo-mo camera chains, two HDC-P1 POV cameras, four HDW-M2000P HDCAM decks, forty-two LMD-1751W LCD monitors, ten FWD-S47H1 monitors and two PDW-F800 XDCAM camcorders.

Garry Rhodin, General Manager of Sony Australia’s Professional Solutions Division, said, “Gearhouse Broadcast Australia are a leader in the field of
broadcast services with its fleet of six HD trucks and two SD trucks. I’m delighted to say that Gearhouse has been a Sony customer for many years and our relationship continues to be a solid one. This major purchase of equipment not only strengthens Gearhouse’s fleet in Australia but also their position in the market.

The purchase came after Sony’s regular customer update briefings, with the new HDC-2500 very much taking centre stage. According to Anthony Kable, Senior Product Manager at Sony Australia’s Professional Solutions Division, it was the new camera’s features that sealed the deal.

Kable said, “The new HDC-2500 has several features that really impressed Gearhouse. They particularly liked the standard 2X slo-mo capability, plus multi- format 24p and 4:4:4 functionality. Gearhouse also chose the highest quality HDVF-EL70 OLED 7” viewfinders. Basically, Gearhouse has purchased the highest spec, top of the range camera chain available.”

Gearhouse also purchased three of Sony’s flagship MVS-7000X switchers, which build on the success of the MVS-8000 Series that have come to be industry- standard in Australian OB trucks over recent years. The recently launched MVS-7000X gives Gearhouse the flexibility to meet widely differing production requirements, with the ability to dynamically configure the switcher with up to 4 or more M/E rows, plus native 3G architecture, 1080p support and 3D production

Graham Elliott, Gearhouse Broadcast’s Chief Executive Officer in Australia said “Gearhouse Broadcast Australia continues to search for new technology to bring greater production value and innovation to our outside broadcast. Our continuous investment has made us one of the leading outside broadcast Ray Martin, Gearhouse Broadcast’s General Manager in Australia continued “The investment forms part of an inventory update for Gearhouse Broadcast which will see the new Sony HDC-2500 cameras will sit alongside the company’s HD range of cameras including the Sony HDC-1500 and HDC-3300

The overall purchase was delivered in stages with the final pieces of equipment commissioned by Gearhouse in mid-May this year.

Garry Rhodin concluded, “Gearhouse, like any other major industry player, has options and we are very happy we can continue to be their equipment supplier of choice. Their purchase of the new HDC-2500 cameras and the MVS-7000X switchers – the only large 3G switcher on the market – further demonstrates Gearhouse Broadcast Australia’s desire to be ahead of the game and stay there. This purchase also sits very well with all the operators and freelancers in the industry, as it is equipment they are familiar with bought by a company who have easily integrated it into their existing systems.”