GreenLight selected to represent Charlie Chaplin

Press Release from GreenLIght

GreenLight (, a global media licensing, talent negotiation and rights representation consultancy, today announced that it has been selected to represent Charlie Chaplin, one of the most lovable and recognisable entertainment stars of all time.

According to the agreement, GreenLight will represent Charlie Chaplin in most territories worldwide, including Australia, across advertising, promotion and merchandising with access to his name, nickname, image, likeness, signature and trademarks.

In addition to Chaplin’s image and personality, GreenLight will also have access to images from his famous films such as Modern Times, City Lights and The Kid. With global appeal and boundless opportunity, Charlie Chaplin is an appealing character for advertisers and consumers, embodying a timeless sense of mischief, fun and sense of humor as well as Chaplin’s humanism, humor and individualism.

“We are delighted to collaborate with GreenLight, who already represents many of history’s timeless icons,” said Josephine Chaplin, Director of Bubbles Incorporated S.A. “We are confident that their experience and worldwide reach will enhance the Chaplin brand.”

Charlie Chaplin was an English comic actor, film director and composer known for his work during the silent film era. While best known for his role as “The Tramp,” Charlie Chaplin’s versatility extended to writing and music.

“Charlie Chaplin’s “The Tramp” character is recognised by millions as a symbol of defiance, comedy and rebellion,” said David Reeder, Vice President of GreenLight. “But his appeal and image extend far beyond that. We are excited to represent a man and an icon that is as dynamic and appealing as he is fun and intriguing.”

GreenLight, a Corbis Company, is the world’s leading provider of rights clearances and rights representation, representing the name, image and likeness rights to many of the world’s most iconic and recognised personas.

GreenLight handles representation for the Andy Warhol Foundation, for entertainment legends such as Bruce Lee, Steve McQueen, Johnny Cash, Mae West, and Maria Callas, for well-known explorers and innovators including Buzz Aldrin, the Wright Brothers, Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein and for sports icons like Muhammad Ali.

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