‘Gymnastics Academy: A Second Chance’ (First Look)

Eva Grados, Zoe Burns, Jada Lee Henry, and Stella Shute.

Glenpictures’ Gymnastics Academy: A Second Chance follows Kyra Berry (Jada Lee Henry), a 14-year-old African American gymnast whose dream to compete in the Olympics comes undone when she injures her knee.

Maddy Cornell (Emily Morris), the ex-world champion Australian gymnast turned coach, sees Kyra’s potential and invites her to join Australia’s Elite Gymnastics Program on a trial.

Kyra’s time in Australia is shaped by amazing friendships, important life lessons, personal growth, and her first boy crush, all of which she shares with young teen teammates.

Young cast members Stella Shute, Akira Van, and Eva Grados return from the 2019 sequel A Second Chance: Rivals, appearing alongside emerging South Australian talent Zoe Burns, Luciana Valdez Tirado, Ava Maios, and Jett Gazley, as well as adult actors Alexander Lloyd, Melanie Munt, Trung Le, Justina Ward, and Michelle Nightingale.

Clay Glen serves as writer, producer, and director on the project, which is co-produced by Sally Clarke and executive produced by Nicely Entertainment’s Vanessa Shapiro. Nicely Entertainment will distribute the series internationally.

Kristian Leadbeater co-wrote the scripts, while Kelly Schilling and Stephen de Villiers direct alongside Glen.

Major production funding was provided by the South Australian Film Corporation (SAFC).

Gymnastics Academy: A Second Chance! will premiere on Netflix September 16.