IFSS offers filmmaking with Red One

[Press Release by Nix Co.]

The International Film School Sydney (IFSS) today announced that it is the first film school in Australia to own a RED ONE Digital Cinema Camera, offering outstanding innovative technology to its students.

Widely reported as the future of cinema, and used by filmmakers such as Alex Proyas on Knowing (starring Nicolas Cage), and Steven Soderberg on Che (starring Benicio del Toro), the Red One camera is part of a filmmaking revolution that is happening now and that IFSS is committed to being a part of.

Head of school, Duncan Thompson, commented, “The RED ONE digital camera is ground‐breaking in the world of cinema technology and will allow students to extend their visual vocabulary, offering the unique ability to shoot and edit the ultra highresolution images.“

The RED ONE camera allows students to shoot at professional shooting ratios, using 35mm cinema lenses ‐ stepping onto the platform of future film making, without the constraints of the costs associated with traditional film production. Weighing just four and a half kilograms, and shot in 4K digital format, it is designed for flexibility and functionality, with four times the resolution of the best quality hi‐definition video.

IFSS is proud to offer the RED ONE camera to its cinematography students alongside traditional film capture systems, and ‐ through collaboration with these cinematographers ‐ to the short film work of its writing‐directing‐producing filmmakers.

“The RED ONE is just one small part of the carefully crafted, intensive journey towards each student’s own unique excellence,” continued Duncan Thompson, head of school.

IFSS plans to use the RED ONE camera in conjunction with new editing suites to be built throughout January, offering students access to new workflow paths for digital cinema.