Indie Aussie film ‘Butterfly Crush’ gets US distribution

Press release from Artmedia

Independent Aussie film, 'Butterfly Crush', has just been picked up for North American distribution. 'Butterfly Crush' will be distributed on TV and DVD in the US and Canada by Vanguard Cinemaand in Video On Demand by Indie Rights.

These distribution deals follow a string of Best Feature Drama awards at US festivals and an Award of Excellence from The Accolade Competition earlier this year. 'Butterfly Crush' has also received the Best International Narrative Feature award at the Anthem Film Festival in Las Vegas, which presents ‘the year’s best films about personal and civil liberty’. The film continues its successful festival run with a screening this month at the Reel Independent
Film Extravaganza in Washington D.C.

Butterfly Crush is the first feature by Sydney-based writer-director Alan Clay and is adapted from his novel ‘Dance Sisters’. The deals in the US are an impressive achievement as the film was made on a low budget from private investment with the international market in mind. It is set in Sydney and features a song and dance duo who become entangled with a mysterious cult, the Dreamguides. It will be releasedin Australia in April next year.

Artmedia, the production company behind 'Butterfly Crush', is currently working on a new film also written and directed by Alan Clay called 'True Believers', which is adapted from his novel ‘Believers in Love’. The story follows a father and daughter team of sand sculptors from Bondi Beach, to the Adelaide Fringe and on to the Auckland Festival, finding love and discovering the magic in life.

The production is being mounted as an Australian New Zealand co-production between Artmedia and Duo Art Productions of South Australia.

'True Believers' will be shot in Sydney, Adelaide and Auckland next year and auditions are currently being held in Adelaide and Sydneyfor an eight year old girl to star in the movie. More information on the auditions can be found at: