International Videoart Festival Selects Aussie Filmmaker

Press Release from David King

The Cologne International Videoart Festival, to be held between August 17 and 27, 2012, has attracted over 100 experimental filmmakers and video artists from more than 30 countries.

But only one Australian has been officially selected – Victorian independent filmmaker and video artist David King.

King, 57, based in the Victorian seaside town of St Leonards, was selected on the strength of his four-and-a- half minute experimental film called Dystopic Overload.

The images and sounds were gleaned from his own ultra-low budget sci-fi feature film PURGE which has been picked up for international distribution by Troma Entertainment, New York.

“Dystopic Overload contains many of the same themes as PURGE but in a totally non-narrative way,” King said.

“After making PURGE, I wanted to cut loose from the narrative form and do something which would be a pure visual and aural experience.”

Dystopic Overload has four interlinked segments which juxtapose image and sound in an almost stroboscopic montage.

The eyecatching work has already screened at the Peel Your Eyes art exhibition in Geelong, the Short Cut monthly film and video screenings in Melbourne, by Exploding Cinema in London, UK, and on Art Television in France.

It will screen in the Continental Drift section of the Cologne International Videoart Festival which has outgrown its German city-origins to hold screenings at venues in different countries around the world as well as online.

The Continental Drift screenings will take place in Russia, Peru, Ecurador and Italy.

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