Jasin Boland and Matt Nettheim accepted into SMPSP

Press release from NIX Co.

Photographers Jasin Boland and Matt Nettheim have become the first Australians accepted into the LA based Society of Motion Picture Still Photographers. The honorary organisation is dedicated to the art of motion picture still photography and boasts an exclusive membership of only 35 photographers from around the world.

To be eligible for nomination the photographer must have at least ten years of feature film experience, receive sponsorship from two existing members and submit a portfolio for review by the Society of Motion Picture Still Photographers.

Jasin and Matt are thrilled to have been accepted into the exclusive organisation:

"To be made a member of The Society of Motion Picture Still Photographers is a colossal honour, It seems like yesterday that I was shooting on the set of 'The Matrix' and to now have my work recognised by the most influential photographers in the film Industry is humbling to say the least" says Jasin.

Matt shares the sentiment, "There is not a great deal of official recognition for the production Still photographer out there, to even get a photo credit is rare. It is therefore great to connect with my colleagues working in this incredibly specialised field of photography and be invited into what is a very prestigious club."

Both photographers have had extensive experience working on a number of Australian and international feature films. Matt Neitheim's credits include Somersault, Little Fish, Bran Nue Dae, Hot Fuzz and Where the Wild Things Are while Jasin Boland has worked on a international blockbusters including The Matrix trilogies, The Bourne Ultimatum, Green Zone, Karate Kid and The Mummy 3.