Knowing uses Trackdown sound stage

[press release from Trackdown]

Trackdown Scoring Stage, Australia’s world-class orchestral scoring stage, has achieved another success with director Alex Proyas’ “Knowing” opening at No.1 at the US Box Office. The psychological thriller starring Nicolas Cage and Rose Byrne earned an estimated $US24.8 million in three days, ahead of Julia Roberts and Clive Owen in “Duplicity”.

Marco Beltrami composed the score to “Knowing” which was recorded and mixed at Trackdown Scoring Stage by Grammy award winning John Kurlander (“Lord of the Rings”, “Ice Age”, “Hellboy”). Trackdown’s Tim Ryan was Supervising Music Editor on the film, creating everything from temporary score early in the editing process right through to preparation of the completed soundtrack for final dub.

“Knowing was a dream job for us. Marco’s trust in Trackdown’s wide ranging services is a wonderful endorsement of Sydney’s ability to mix it with the best in the world when it comes to providing a full range of music services required for a big budget feature film” .
Tim Ryan (Supervising Music Editor, Trackdown Director)

USA based Composer Marco Beltrami (a disciple of Ennio Morricone and the composer of “Terminator 3 : Rise of the Machines”, “I, Robot”, “3:10 to Yuma”) relocated to Sydney for the project, which employed the services of over 100 local musicians and the Trackdown crew – Music Editor Simon Leadley, Score Recordist Daniel Brown and Score Co-ordinator Elaine Beckett.

Other films that have achieved number one at the US Box Office and have recorded at Trackdown Scoring Stage are the George Miller-directed Oscar® winning “Happy Feet” and Doug Liman-directed “Jumper”, both of which were composed by John Powell.

Recent soundtracks recorded at Trackdown include: Baz Luhrmann’s epic “Australia”, John Powell’s remotely recorded scores “Jumper” and “PS I Love You”, David Hirschfelderʼs “Aquamarine”, Christopher Gordonʼs “Maoʼs Last Dancer” and Blizzard Entertainment’s “Echoes of War”.

“Knowing” was also the first feature film score to be mixed in Trackdown’s newly added music mixing studio. The studio neighbours Fox Studios Australia and the filmmaking community situated in Sydneyʼs Moore Park.