Kogan challenges GoPro with Action Camera range for under $120

Press Release

Kogan has just launched a Full HD Action Camera range, with a slew of accessories, offering Australian consumers the choice to capture their adventurous side at one third of the cost of a GoPro camera.

For an incredibly low $119, available exclusively from, Kogan’s new Full HD Action Camera has near identical specs to the GoPro Cameras — without the steep price.

Weighing just 110g, the 12MP cameras can record professional quality HD 720p videos at 60fps. The Kogan Full HD Action Camera is housed in a case that is waterproof to depths of 30 metres, shockproof to falls of up to 2 metres and completely dust-proof.

The Kogan Full HD Action Camera range features a large 1.5” LCD colour display, a 1000mAh battery and a whole range of accessories including a bicycle/handlebar mount, helmet mount, car suction mount and tripod mount, trumping the GoPro in both specs and price.

Kogan CEO and founder Ruslan Kogan said while the GoPro camera’s were undoubtedly an innovation to the camera market, Kogan’s goal was to service consumer demand.

“GoPro is a massively popular product, but Australians are forking out about $500 for one with the accompanying accessories. That’s almost a week’s pay for some people.

“It’s a huge market we’re disrupting today. GoPro sold 2.3 million cameras in 2012 alone.

“We’ve designed a Kogan product that offers the near identical specs, even better in some regards, for one third the price of a GoPro. At this new price point, more Australians will be able to capture their fun, action-packed, and cherished moments on the go.

“We’ve even sweetened the deal further, by providing a range of accessories for smart online shoppers who buy the Black edition.

“At Kogan, we want to make the latest technology more affordable for everyone, and we’ve taken on board a lot of direct feedback to create a great action camera at a price everyone will love.

“We’re not in the business of creating demand. We service demand. We’ll leave creating demand up to the likes of Apple, GoPro and Samsung and they’ll inevitably have to include their marketing expenses in the price tags of their products. Our goal is to make the latest in-demand technology more affordable for everyone,” Kogan said.

Key features of the Kogan Full HD Action Camera include:

Full HD 1080p recording
12MP Camera
Weighs 110 grams
Water, shock and dust proof casing
Micro SD Card slot
1.5’’ LCD colour display
Time Lapse
HDMI Output
Remote Control