MA rating repealed for Transmission’s body-image documentary Embrace

Transmission's body-image documentary Embrace has received an M rating on appeal after initially garnering an MA 15+ classification. Taryn Brumfitt's film can now be seen by audiences under the age of 15 without parental guidance.

The Classification Board originally found that a sequence in the film contrasting the representation of women’s vulvas in close-up photographs as part of a discussion around body acceptance warranted a MA15+ classification with consumer advice of ‘strong nudity’.  

After earlier noting that some of the genital detail included ‘protruding labia’, The Classification Review Board this week subsequently revised the rating to Mature (M) with a consumer advice of ‘nudity’.

“I am thrilled that the right decision has been made," Taryn Brumfitt said. 

"With rates of labiaplasty on the rise, particularly in teens, I knew how important it was to include the educational and informative vulva section in the film. Since the film's release I have been told every day that it must be seen in schools and now it can be. The Classification Board’s decision means that Embrace can be more accessible to the people who need its message most."

Transmission’s Andrew Mackie said: “We’re delighted that the original decision has been reviewed and overturned. Embrace continues to educate and inspire audiences, its box office success showing that issues of body image are relevant, with this film resonating with Australian audiences at sold-out screenings, despite the original rating limitations. This decision enables Taryn’s message to go further.”

Embrace is now screening in cinemas via FanForce.