MCM Entertainment announces new appointments

Press release from MCM Entertainment

MCM Entertainment Group Limited (MCM) is pleased to announce the appointment of Tony McGinn as Chief Executive of its international digital media platform business movideo, effective 1 July 2011, reporting to the board. Tony founded the MCM business in 1983 and is its largest shareholder. He has successfully led the business for more than 28 years including as Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director since listing in 2007.

Over this time he built considerable expertise in radio, television and new digital media production and syndication, event management, sponsorship, advertising and marketing, and multi-platform delivery. For the past 24 months Tony has been spearheading the Group’s expansion into digital media across international markets. Over this time he has managed the dual role of Group CEO and acting CEO of the group’s digital media platform business movideo. Tony has now chosen to relinquish the role of Group CEO to pursue the future international growth potential of movideo. His continuing focus on the successful delivery of movideo provides MCM the opportunity to be a leader in the new digital media market. Tony remains an Executive Director of MCM.

MCM is pleased to announce the appointment of Simon Joyce as Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of MCM Entertainment Group Limited effective 1 July 2011. Simon has successfully led the MCM Media business since 2008 and is highly regarded in the media industry. Since joining MCM in 2001, he has transformed MCM Media sales and marketing through a focus on innovative cross platform solutions, including radio, digital, television and events, in all markets. As CEO of the Group, Simon’s vision is to drive MCM to deliver better results for its national broadcaster and advertiser clients, and focus the business as the leading independent producer of advertiser funded national radio, online, mobile and television content.

Mr. Joyce has agreed a three year contract term with 12 month’s notice period and has approximately 50% of his total remuneration cost in variable at-risk cash and equity incentives linked to the performance of the business. Further details of Mr. Joyce’s remuneration are forthcoming.

MCM is also pleased to announce the appointment of Michael Burgess as Chief Operating Officer of MCM Entertainment Group Limited effective 1 July 2011. Michael joined MCM in 1999 with more than 20 years of accounting and operations experience and was appointed Executive Director of the Group since February 2011. He has a Bachelor of Business and his previous experience includes working with Ernst & Young and in funds management, sports marketing and management, manufacturing and the advertising industries. Michael will be responsible for the day to day operations and financial control of the Group in order to drive margin improvement and shareholder value and he will have a leading role in the Group’s market-facing activities and investor relations.

The Chairman, Mr. Playoust said “Simon and Michael have a demonstrated track record in the business and these two appointments signal increased focus on the core media business and cost controls. The Board is committed to building the business and growing shareholder value and we will continue to leverage the Igloo asset into the core media business and actively pursue venture opportunities for the movideo business. The Company appreciates the large contribution made by Tony McGinn in running and growing the business to the Group of companies it is today”.

Tony McGinn said “movideo is an opportunity for me and our investors to participate in a real game changer business within a market that is rapidly growing. I am passionate about building shareholder value in this space. Our parent company and our other two businesses, MCM Media and Igloo will be managed and grown very well by Simon Joyce and Michael Burgess. I recruited them both and helped nurture their development over more than a decade – MCM Entertainment Group is in good hands”.