‘Mercy of Others’ (Trailer)

Traccin Rameka in 'Mervy of Others'

Damien Giglietta’s Mercy of Others follows a group of six friends that reunite for solace, following the murder of someone close to them, only to find themselves trapped in a harrowing night of psychological terror.

They must confront and atone for a long-buried deed from their past to survive, uncovering the chilling truth that every action carries its haunting consequence.

The main cast includes Traccin Rameka, Jack Martin, Vanessa Madrid, Caitlin Lopez, Daniele Clements, Dominic Di Paolo, and Jesse Aquiningo, with Ernest Afran, Elysia Janssen, Harry Taylor, and Monica Bria in supporting roles.

Giglietta wrote the script and led a small creative team comprising producer/production designer Taylor Buoro, sound recordist/executive producer Justin Zouriakas, post/executive producer Peter McIntosh, and composing team Jeenyis Scoring, made up of Damien Greenwood and Jason Schmechtig.

The 88 to 1 Productions film was shot in Sydney during April 2022.

It will have its Australian premiere at Dendy Newtown in Sydney on July 3.