Metro Screen announces Breaks-funded filmmakers

Press release from Metro Screen

More than 150 projects vied for 14 places in Metro Screen's second year of the BREAKS film funding and support programs. Proudly supported by Screen NSW and Screen Australia.

Metro Screen’s production support programs are unique. Participants receive a cash budget, production facilities, training, mentorship, script development and a cast and crew screening. Particular emphasis is placed on a diverse production slate that allows individuals to take risks.

Due to the surprisingly high number of Breaks applications and Metro Screen’s policy of thorough, fair and transparent assessment of all applications, the announcement of the successful applicants was slightly delayed this year with the Indigenous Breakthrough still to be decided.


'Lie To Me ' – Kathleen Hrayssi [Writer/ Director]
A Women is questioned following her husband’s murder and a sensual cat and mouse game reveals the story.

'Money Tree' – Hawanatu Bangura [Writer/ Director]
An animation about an African boy who tries to escape poverty by planting an orchid of stolen money.

'First Date' – John Tsioulos [Writer/ Director]
A young man prepares for an important first date, but does he have the courage to take that final daunting step?

'The Alien Boy' – Miles Szanto [Writer/ Director]
A young boy who is bullied at school plans to escape to another planet.

'Macadamia' – Greg Hackett [Writer/ Director]
Stacey is a serial prankster who one night is on the receiving end of a revenge prank with shattering results.

'Nulingu' – Billy McPherson [Writer/ Director]
A story about belonging, even when you are dead.

'Sail ' – Raymond Kelly [Writer/ Director]
A race story about a race.

'A Morning Look' – Thomas Wright [Writer/ Director]
Ray aimlessly walks the lonely streets of a foreign city in the early morning, a fisherman’s words beg contemplation and finally extinguish his dreams.

'Grand Design' – Samuel Bartlett [Writer/ Director]
The death of one of two strangers is decided by a seemingly benign subconscious decision.

'This Dog's Life' – Jo-Anne Brechin [Writer/ Director]
A young boxer is forced to fight – and kill – for his father’s love.

'I Spy' – Samuel Faull [Writer/ Director]
14 yr old Kyle will see things he wishes he never had when his hormone driven cousins convince him to play their game of ‘I spy’ and peek into the women’s showers.


'Treading Water' – Cathy Flannery [Producer], Melissa Anastasi [Writer/ Director]
Leila and her husband Theo struggle to piece together their lives after the death of their son.

'A Burning Thing' – Joe Weatherstone [Producer], Damien Power [Writer/ Director]
An affair between a pyromaniac and a volunteer rural fire fighter burns out of control.


First Break
Production funding for emerging filmmakers without a produced screen credit in their respective roles, for a project that has been released, broadcast or screened at a recognised film festival | projects up to 8 min | $3,000 cash budget | Open to all filmmakers with three places reserved for Indigenous Australians and four places for those with a non-English speaking background

Production funding for emerging filmmakers who have at least one produced screen credit in their respective roles for a project that has been released, broadcast or screened at a recognised film festival. Applicants with feature or substantial television drama experience are not eligible. | projects up to 15 min | $15,000 cash budget | Open to all filmmakers