MIFF pulls Bank Job with Jason Statham

The Melbourne International Film Festival in collaboration with Paramount Pictures and Omnilab Media is pleased to present a special advance screening of Roger Donaldson’s (The World’s Fastest Indian) latest film, The Bank Job, starring Jason Statham (Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels).
Actor Jason Statham will be in Melbourne to introduce an exclusive MIFF Members ONLY screening on Sunday 13 July at the Forum Theatre. This screening is one of many exclusive benefits MIFF members are able to take advantage of. Visit to become a member today!
MIFF audiences will then have the opportunity to see the film during the festival on Saturday 26 July before it opens in cinemas nationally on 31 July. Tickets for all MIFF films go on sale Friday 11 July.
“Chockablock with Cockney hardcases, bent coppers, kinky politicians, shadowy MI5 fixers, black radicals, a Soho sleaze merchant and a bevy of topless birds.” – Eye Weekly
The Bank Job is a bank-heist caper full of twists and turns, inspired by an extraordinary true event – a daring unsolved robbery – which took place in 1971 at a bank in London’s Baker Street.  Actor Jason Statham (Snatch) leads a gang of charming lowlifes and thieves as they tunnel their way into a bank-vault filled with safe deposit boxes holding cash and jewellery belonging to some of the UK’s most rich and powerful people.
The straight-up heist gets a little thorny when it becomes apparent that the real loot is a pile of photos that could bring down the royal family in a steamy sex scandal. Multi-layered, manic and mischievous, The Bank Job is the quintessential Brit heist flick.
Jason Statham’s first major role came about when Guy Ritchie cast him in Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels which he quickly followed up with a role in Snatch. In 2002 Jason was cast as the lead role, Frank Martin in Transporter, which was a box office hit leading the way for further starring roles in The Italian Job and Transporter 2.
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