National release for true-life prison drama

First-time writer-director-producer Mack Lindon’s Rise will get a cinema release in November via Pinnacle Films.

The autobiographical drama is based on Lindon’s experiences as a young nurse when he was falsely accused of rape.

Lindon tells IF the film will open on November 6 on about 50 screens. Gary Hamilton's Arclight has come aboard as international sales agent.

Nathan Wilson plays the protagonist Will, who is accused of drink spiking and rape after a one-night stand. Found guilty at trial, he’s sentenced to six years in prison.

He is incarcerated in a maximum security prison where he meets Jimmy (Martin Sacks), a hardened inmate who was responsible for a spate of armed robberies. Jimmy is inspired by Will’s courage and determination.

Erin Connor plays the QC who appeals his case in the Supreme Court, Gemma Laurelle is his chief accuser Constable Rossi and Linda Millar is the chief warden.

Lindon co-founded the Gold Coast-based Vision Films Australia and raised private investment plus $30,000 via crowdfunding site Pozible and shot the film at a disused jail in Queensland on a $356,000 budget .

The self-taught filmmaker got the idea for the film when he was in jail in 2008. He wrote to filmmaker Rob Sitch asking for his advice on how to turn his story into a film, and Sitch replied.

“I was yet to prove my innocence but I knew I wanted to share my story through film once I was freed," Lindon said.

“I’ve turned something bad into a blessing. It has allowed me to define my character and I’ve been able to make a film people can be inspired by.”