NEC achieved DCI compliant digi projectors

Press release from NEC Australia

NEC Australia, a leading provider of commercial LCD displays, projectors and innovative digital signage solutions, today announced that its range of digital cinema projectors has achieved full Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI) compliance, making NEC the first in the industry to have its entire range certified with this compliance.

The DCI standard was created by the Digital Cinema Initiatives, a group of leading film studios, to ensure a consistent and high quality image for the cinema audience. The certificate guarantees the overall cinema industry compliance with current equipment and performance criteria for digital cinema equipment and products.

The tests were completed by the Research Institute for Digital Media and Content at Keio University (hereafter, DMC) in Japan, which is one of three entities licensed by Digital Cinema Initiatives, LLC to perform CTP tests.

NEC’s digital cinema projectors were certified in:

(1) Digital Cinema System Specification (DCSS) Version 1.2 as of March 7, 2008

(2) DCSS CTP Version 1.1 as of May 8, 2009

“We are proud to be the first digital cinema manufacturer to have achieved this significant accomplishment,” said Kentaro Seki, General Manager of NEC’s Display Solutions Division. “To have a full product line that meets the needs of today’s exhibitors is not only essential, but expected. We strive to offer the best products of the highest quality, with easy operation and low maintenance. NEC’s DCI compliance allows exhibitors to capitalise on current and future growth opportunities with the assurance of making a smart, sound investment.”

The new Series 2 projectors include the NC1200C (9,000 lumens for screen sizes of up to 46-feet wide), the NC2000C (17,000 lumens for screens up to 65-feet wide) and the ultra-bright NC3200S (31,000 lumens for screens up to 105-feet wide).

Pricing and Availability

The NEC NC1200C, NC2000C and NC3200S digital cinema projectors are available through authorised NEC digital cinema integrators. Price is available upon application.

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