NEC Australia upgrades digital cinema projectors

Press release from NEC

NEC Australia, a leading communications systems integrator, announced today that its digital cinema projectors are being upgraded to support higher frame rates (HFR), creating ultrarealistic cinematic visual experiences and delivering significant improvements, driving forward the future of technology in the digital film industry.

NEC Australia’s Digital Solution has undertaken major development of the software within its Series 2 projectors NC1200C, NC2000C and NC3200S with the launch of version 3.3 of its Release Package. This enables the projectors to support the HFR format with IMB input, which allows 48 frames per second per eye in Double Flash 3D and 60 frames per second per eye in Single Flash 3D leading to faster movement, sharper images and a much smoother picture.

Hollywood giants such as directors James Cameron and Peter Jackson are already backing the HFR format, which is likely to be available in late 2012. Upcoming film releases, such as The Hobbit and the Avatar sequels are all expected to be produced in HFR, improving the cinematic experience for theatre-goers.

This great HFR technology for 2K/3D presentation will be also available for NEC 4K projector NC3240S in late 2012.

“Higher frame rate movies will change the cinematic experience totally, taking it to a whole new level,” said Danielle Cameron, General Manager of Digital Communications, NEC Australia. “NEC is pleased to be able to provide our customers with this important upgrade to secure future technology in the film industry.”