Nominations open for Screen Queensland’s Equity and Diversity Taskforce

Screen Queensland is calling on nominations for its inaugural Equity and Diversity Taskforce, set to be established next month.

Drawn from inside and outside the screen industry, the primary role of the taskforce is to develop a three-year diversity plan to guide the agency in setting strategic goals and measurable performance targets.

Screen Queensland CEO Kylie Munnich said the group would also provide a safe forum for representatives from the screen industry, equalities groups, and civil society to contribute to the diversity plan, which will be reviewed and endorsed by the SQ board.

“Increasing diversity and inclusion in the Queensland screen industry is a key priority for Screen Queensland and establishing a taskforce with representation from diverse groups with a shared commitment to this goal is a critical first step,” she said.

“Both globally and locally, the screen industry has had to evolve significantly in order to be more representative of the wider community and there is still much work to be done.

“We recognise that Screen Queensland is in a privileged position to lead change for groups and individuals who, in the past, have not had equal access to screen opportunities.”

Five to eight members will be selected for the taskforce on the basis of a demonstrated track record and expertise in anti-racism, anti-discrimination and diversity action.

Once selected, they will meet four times a year, two in person and two via teleconference.

Screen Queensland chief creative officer Jo Dillon, who is also the outgoing co-chair of the Screen Diversity Inclusion Network (SDIN), said the benefit of increasing diversity and inclusion in the screen industry was equally split between positive social change, better storytelling, and market demand.

“Historically, screen audiences had access to a very narrow range of human experience and representation; the fact that this is changing on a rapid and global scale is very exciting – both for audiences and the under-represented creatives behind this new wave of storytelling,” she said.

“The appetite for diverse screen stories, capturing the lives and perspectives of the broadest range of human experience is at all all-time high, but without true diversity in our industry we won’t be tapping into these fresh and original stories.

“I’m proud to be part of an industry and an organisation supporting such an essential shift in how we make content and see the world reflected back to us on screen.”

Nominations can be submitted here and close at 5pm on Friday, June 18.