NZFC offers to fund four features

The New Zealand Film Commission made conditonal offers for four feature films including a remake of Kiwi classic Goodbye Pork Pie at its last board meeting.

That brings to 16 the total number of feature films invested in during the financial year, the largest number ever supported in a single twelve months.

One Thousand Ropes

Tusi Tamaese's follow-up to The Orator. A traditional Samoan midwife's ordered existence is thrown off balance by the arrival of his bruised daughter seeking his protection. Produced by Catherine Fitzgerald, the Australasian distributor is Transmission and International sales agent Mongrel Media.

Pork Pie

The remake of Geoff Murphy's 1981 road comedy Goodbye Pork Pie is written and will be directed by his son Matt Murphy, produced by Tom Hern (The Dark Horse) and executive produced by Tim White. The action comedy follows a guy who is determined to reconnect with the woman he left at the altar, which sparks a massive police chase across New Zealand. Studiocanal is set to distribute the film in Australasia.

Chief Gary

A comedy from Auckland filmmakers thedownlowconcept (Jarrod Holt, Ryan Hutchings and Nigel McCulloch) about the last chief of a sinking island in the Pacific. Fiona Copland is producing, and Josh Thomson stars as chief Gary.

The End Game

A feature length documentary being directed by Michelle Walshe and Justin Pemberton with Cass Avery as producer. Tim White is the executive producer and Australasian distribution is by Transmission.