Audiences are seeking out more and more of their entertainment online, new research has revealed.

According to the latest research ACMA snapshot, over half (52 per cent) Australia’s internet users aged 18 and over have viewed online video content (OVC), and competition foe eyeballs is intensifying with three major service providers – Presto, Stan and Netflix—entering the Australian OVC market.

While broadcast television remains the primary entertainment medium, more and more audiences are seeking out their favourite shows on catch-up TV.

The ACMA research showed 44 per cent of internet users aged 18 and over had watched catch-up in the past six months, with almost three-quarters of Australian OVC viewers aged 18 and over stating the ability to watch programs at any time as the main reason for using these services.

Interestingly, households with children are the highest users of both subscription services and catch-up television. However the data also shows that even the younger viewers, who are increasingly spending time on multiple screens, still spend the most time watching entertainment on the television that anything else.

See the full report here. 

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