O’Toole launches Red Rock Pictures

Gary O’Toole and Julian York, partners in Melbourne-based Three King Pictures for nearly two years, have parted company.

O’Toole has launched his own production banner, Red Rock Pictures, while York will remain with Three Kings.

It’s an amicable split which O’Toole announced on Facebook, stating. “We reached a fork in the road creatively and business wise, and rather than ruin a perfectly good friendship, I have decided to step away.

“Please offer Julian and Newnest [Addakula, the third ‘King’] all the very best for the future and I hope their careers go from strength to strength.”

York responded, “It’s been a great ride. Sad but exciting too. We are all still great friends and colleagues. We will always be the three kings – but not in the same kingdom.”

The pair will continue to collaborate on Three Kings'  Under the Hill, scripted by O’Toole, which is billed as a “romantic comedy of ages, for the ageless,” full of high jinx and misadventure.

Via Red Rock Pictures, O’Toole is developing Nulla, a supernatural thriller about an Australian soldier, an Iraq veteran, as he sets out to drive from Melbourne to Perth with a buddy, a US soldier, where nasty things happen. O’Toole wrote the script and will produce, with Robert Lewis Galinsky as executive producer. The director is not yet set. O’Toole hopes filming will start in the first quarter of 2014

O’Toole is also working with former Neighbours actress and neophyte producer Carla Bonner to develop a TV series based on her 2012 self-published e-book, Hook, Line and Sink Her, a romance guide for men.