Imogen Sage and Leah Vandenberg play a scene via Zoom.

Philip Quast, Steve Le Marquand and Sara Wiseman are among new additions to the cast of Dark Noise, Clara Chong and Ben Allan’s thriller which was among the first features to roll during the pandemic.

David E. Woodley and Craig Hall have also joined the production which is shooting in short blocks in the Sydney CBD and in Sydney’s North-West, with a maximum of 10 cast and crew on set.

UK theatre actor Imogen Sage plays the lead, Abigail ‘Jack’ McFadden, a young woman who is alone in the forest listening for frogs when she hears something she shouldn’t have.

Lauren Clair is Jack’s mother Cassandra, with Leah Vandenberg as her father’s lover Dr Croker and Callan Colley as Constable Kristian Myangi.

Woodley is Cassandra’s former husband, scientist and conservationist Dr Donovan McFadden, and Le Marquand is Ollie Martin, a loner and National Parks officer who becomes a father figure to Myangi.

‘Dark Noise’ cast rehearsal via Zoom.

Quast, who stars in the Seven Network’s Between Two Worlds, which premieres later this month, is Tanner Blue, a self-made billionaire whose wife died giving birth to their only child.

Cast as cops who don’t like each other, real life couple Wiseman and Hall, who co-starred in A Place to Call Home, are working remotely from their home in New Zealand.

The producer and DOP, Allan came up with the premise: a young woman with headphones is alone in a rain forest listening for frogs when she hears something she shouldn’t have.

That inspired writer-director Chong to flesh out the screenplay with the protagonist as a female foley artist who stumbles on a large cocaine plantation.

With Internet access and police radio hacked, a one-man police station has to fend for itself.

Maura Fay’s Leigh Pickford completed the casting. Principal photography is expected to wrap in mid-August.

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