Queensland launches 10 per cent PDV attraction grant

Cutting Edge, which completed the VFX for ‘Winchester’, is among those likely to benefit from the new Queensland PDV grant.  

Following the South Australian Film Corporation’s lead, Screen Queensland has introduced a 10 per cent uncapped post, digital and visual effects (PDV) grant.

The Queensland government has introduced the grant to put the state in a competitive position to attract large national and international post-production projects.

Able to be combined with the 30 per cent federal PDV Offset, the grant is open for applications from today, and is set to benefit Queensland-based companies like Cutting Edge and The Post Lounge. Productions must spend a minimum of $500,000 on PDV in Queensland to be eligible.

Last December, the South Australian Film Corporation launched an uncapped, non-discretionary 10 per cent PDV rebate, with a minimum spend of $250,000.

In the wake of that move by the SAFC, Technicolor announced it February that would open Mill Film in Adelaide, with aims to employ 500 people within five years. The Adelaide-based Rising Sun Pictures also has plans to expand its staff numbers by a third and add new resources to its Adelaide studio.

In August, the Federal Government also announced that in order for foreign footloose productions to be eligible for the $140 million Location Incentive Program, they must utilise the services of one or more Australian PDV providers, which has made the national post-production and VFX landscape even more competitive than previously.

In a statement, Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said:  “We have a track record of attracting productions to film in Queensland and we want to build on that momentum and provide a one-stop shop for productions to make their entire projects here right through to post-production.

“Similar incentives overseas and interstate have seen the establishment of post-production hubs in those areas, contributing to a lucrative global industry worth US$15 billion annually.

“Job opportunities will continue to increase as more computer-generated effects are used in productions, creating new and exciting career pathways for Queensland students looking to work in the screen industry.”

In addition to boosting the existing post sector in Queensland, the Premier hopes the grant will also create an economic environment for major post-production companies to establish offices in Queensland.

Screen Queensland CEO Tracey Vieira said: “Screen Queensland will work closely with Queensland post-production companies from VFX, to sound, music, post and everything in between, to make sure we work collaboratively to leverage this opportunity and market our PDV incentive worldwide.”