Quickflix Reaches 20 Million DVD Milestone


Leading online movie service, Quickflix, has reached a significant milestone in the company’s history: delivering its 20 millionth DVD since it was founded in 2004.

The ongoing demand for Quickflix’s DVD business is in stark contrast to the steady decline of the traditional DVD rental store of which there are now thought to be less than 1,000 currently in operation across Australia.

Quickflix is continuing to see growth in the DVD and Blu-ray format, this month opening its new large-scale distribution centre in Western Sydney with capacity to despatch over 2 million discs per month. The move will allow it to scale its DVD rental business significantly over the coming two to three years and reflects the company’s confidence in continued growth in this area.

Quickflix continues to pioneer subscription and transactional streaming of movies and TV in Australia and New Zealand and the 20 million milestone coincides with new user data indicating that streamed entertainment is entering the mainstream in Australia, with Quickflix’s having recently clocked up 4.5 million movies and TV shows streamed to Australian households in the last two years.

This growing popularity is because of take up of smart TV, mobile and connected devices, along with lower broadband costs, all of which are driving demand for premium digital content. The NBN rollout will also contribute towards this continued growth.

In the past six months, Quickflix has streamed around two petabytes (2,000 terrabytes) of content while demand for its pay-per-view movies and pay-per-episode TV has grown by over 30 per cent in the June 2013 quarter alone.

The rise has been so fast that it is now streaming as many movies and TV shows each month as it is delivering by DVD and Blu-ray, and over 45 per cent of Quickflix customers have chosen streaming with active customers watching ten hours on average per month.Stephen Langsford, said: “Our 20 millionth delivery is a fantastic reminder of how far we have come. Since our small beginnings in Perth, Western Australia we’ve grown to become not only the largest subscription DVD by mail service in Australia but also the largest streamer of movies and TV shows. The future is very exciting and in many ways we’re only just getting going. This new era promises to be exciting for Quickflix and we’re looking forward to more and more Australians switching on to Quickflix.”