Screen Australia invests in four new documentaries

Screen Australia today announced over $1 million investment in three one-off documentaries and one three-part documentary, generating over $4.6 million in production.

Screen Australia’s Documentary Manager Liz Stevens said, “Screen Australia is pleased to have funded a steady stream of one-off documentaries. These productions, along with the series Life on the Reef, are important stories that will offer audiences diverse opinions on topical subject matters.”

Funded under the National Documentary Program (NDP), Life on the Reef, directed by Nick Robinson, is an awesome perspective on the world’s largest living structure, the Great Barrier Reef. Filmed over a year, the three-part documentary is produced for ABC Television by Sue Clothier, Karina Holden and Matthew Tomaszewski.

Also from the NDP is the feature-length documentary Waves of Anzac Cove, from director Tony Krawitz and writers Alan Erson and Owen Hughes. The film follows Sam Neill as he explores the ANZAC story 100 years on, beginning with his own family’s involvement in wars, and is produced for ABC TV and Māori Television by Chris Hilton, Alan Erson and Owen Hughes.

King’s Seal is a one-hour documentary produced for NITV by Kim Mavromatis and Quenten Agius, who will also direct the story, about conspiracy, treason, betrayal, rape and murder in South Australia back in the time it was a free-settler colony. Funded through the General Documentary Program (GDP), King’s Seal is written by Alexis West, with Stephen Goldsmith on board as associate producer.

The Whistleblowers, directed and co-written by Danny Ben-Moshe, follows the parallel journeys of a strictly Orthodox father and his now-secular son, after the son goes public with his story of being sexually abused as a student. The 26-minute documentary is produced for the ABC by Dan Goldberg and Adam Kay and is also co-written by Goldberg.


Northern Pictures
3 x 57 minutes
Producers Sue Clothier, Karina Holden, Matthew Tomaszewski
Director Nick Robinson
Sales Agent NH Media
Broadcasters ABC Television, Public Broadcasting Service
Synopsis Life on the Reef – a year on the world’s largest living structure.

Essential Media and Entertainment
1 x 90 minutes
Producers Chris Hilton, Alan Erson, Owen Hughes
Writers Alan Erson, Owen Hughes
Director Tony Krawitz
Sales Agent Essential Media and Entertainment
Broadcasters ABC TV,Māori Television
Synopsis Sam Neill explores the ANZAC century, beginning with his own family’s long involvement in wars, and discovers how the ANZAC story continues to capture the hearts of two countries a hundred years on from Gallipoli.


Mav Media Pty Ltd
1 x 60 minutes
Producers/Directors Kim Mavromatis, Quenten Agius
Associate Producer Stephen Goldsmith
Writer Alexis West
Broadcaster NITV
Synopsis Conspiracy, treason, betrayal, rape and murder: welcome to the free-settler colony of South Australia.

THE WHISTLEBLOWERS (working title)
Mint Pictures Pty Ltd, Identity Films Pty Ltd
1 x 26 minutes
Producers Dan Goldberg, Adam Kay
Director Danny Ben-Moshe
Writers Dan Goldberg, Danny Ben-Moshe
Broadcaster ABC 1
Synopsis The Whistleblowers follows the parallel journeys of a strictly Orthodox father and his now-secular son, after the son goes public with his story of being sexually abused as a student.