Screen Australia releases final interactive, multi-platform program guidelines

Screen Australia has released its final interactive and multi-platform program guidelines which outline how it will allocate $30 million across the industry.

The funding includes $20 million of new Federal government funding via the Interactive Games Fund and funding previously provided through the agency’s former multi-platform programs, which will take place over the next three years.

Screen Australia chief executive, Ruth Harley, said the agency was impressed by the number, scope and quality of the submissions received from industry organisations, games studios and individuals. "We were also pleased with the level of engagement across all our other consultation channels, including online platforms and face-to-face meetings – we’ve amended the draft guidelines in several areas as a result,” she said in a statement.

The areas that attracted the most comment were the credit and experience eligibility criteria for the Games Production and Games Enterprise programs. The changes made to the guidelines can be read in more detail here.