ScreenACT grants boost local industry

Press release from ScreenACT

ScreenACT today announced the recipients of its screen industry Project Fund grants scheme. This is the third round of the project fund, and eight projects will each receive up to $10,000 to develop or complete film, TV, and digital media projects in the ACT.

“The assessors had a hard task to narrow down the applications – there were so many outstanding projects in this round,” said Monica Penders, Manager, ScreenACT. “There was a 60 per cent increase in applications from last year and a marked improvement in quality. ScreenACT was pleased to be able to increase the number of grants awarded in this round”.

“We are not only looking for great creative ideas, but there is a big emphasis on the whole business plan – how is the project going to develop from its present stage, right through to completion and distribution? We are targeting the business end of the industry to lend support to projects that are looking to grow the industry and offer commercial returns down the track”, she said.

The ScreenACT Project Fund is geared toward projects that have a business focus and are intended to eventually return a profit. The applications covered a wide variety of projects from documentaries, games, children’s TV shows, web series and feature films.

The eight recipients of the grants are:

Tony Oakden, for a “serious game” that aids mental care professionals in recognizing and dealing with problematic behaviours;

Clare Young, an independent documentary director/producer for “My Note Book” a documentary on Oscar-nominated director Jane Campion;

Christian Doran, an independent producer for a children’s TV series “The Singing Bug” which encourages and teaches children to sing and has a distributor attached;

John Frohlich, an independent producer, for “The Competition”, a feature film produced and shot entirely in the ACT;

Sotiris Dounoukos, writer, for the feature film script “Joe Cinque’s Consolation” based on the Helen Garner book and set in the ACT;

Michael Tear, Bearcage Productions for an innovative approach to developing a documentary slate comprising of four documentaries;

Belinda Pratten, documentary producer for “Top Dogs” a TV documentary that interweaves the story of the fight to save Australia’s wildlife with the bond that forms between man and dog;

and James Hunter, writer/director for “One of Us” an ambitious feature film set in WW1 which has cast attached and is close to beginning production.

“I congratulate all the entrants who submitted applications to ScreenACT and in particular the eight grant recipients,” Chief Minister Jon Stanhope said.

“The ACT Government is proud to support ScreenACT and through it the wealth of creative talent that is present here in the ACT in what must be considered a true reflection of the creative pool of resourcefulness, drive and initiative.”

ScreenACT, the ACT Office of Film, Television and Digital media, is funded by the ACT Government and managed by Canberra Business Council. With a taskforce of local industry representatives, it responsible for implementing industry development initiatives, providing location production support and working with other states on potential partnering projects.

Contact: Monica Penders, Manager, ScreenACT on 6247 4199 or