Short film examines mental health and rural isolation

 Tether filmmaker Chelsea Thistlewaite speaks with actor Warwick Allsopp.

Emerging filmmaker Chelsea Thistlewaite has launched a crowdfunding campaign for her new short film which tackles mental health and rural isolation.

Tether, which is co-produced by Metro Screen and Screen NSW, centres on Tom (Warwick Allsopp), a disaffected man unable to understand or connect with those around him. 

Thistlewaite’s script was selected and developed by Metro Screen as a part of its Breaks Program, and will be released in 2016.

Thistlewaite said she wanted to write about something she felt wasn't being talked about – men's mental health.

“I found the idea really interesting, especially since nobody is talking about it and particularly in those communities affected the most”.

Tether draws on the Australian landscape, using what is typically seen as idyllic countryside to represent the oppressive and suffocating nature of rural isolation.

Tether was filmed in early November of this year in Boorowa, in New South Wales, and will be launching its crowdfunding campaign this evening.