Simon Robson revs Engine

Press release from Well Above

After a comprehensive international search, Engine today announced that the multi-award winning director and creative director Simon Robson, whose body of work includes directing the animation for the BAFTA nominated feature film Taking Liberties, will be joining their team.

Robson said, “I previously lived in Sydney between September 2007 and September 2008 and although I didn't work with Engine at that time I was well aware of their great reputation.

" Engine obviously put design at the centre of their work, be it for TVCs, broadcast graphics or VFX. It's their level of finish and attention to detail that first attracted me to their operation. Having spoken at length with Adam Wells, Engine's EP, it seems we both have the same ambition to push Engine further into new and exciting realms. We want to raise the bar and create TVCs for clients where we can combine Engine's expertise in live-action, CG and animation.

"We're looking to work with ambitious clients and offer them a 360-degree solution, pulling on all Engine's strengths. There are certainly plenty of Australian production companies that offer live-action or animation or CG solutions. But to be equally strong of each footing is really very unique, it's something that has really attracted me to Engine and something I want to take full advantage of for our clients once I move into Engine.”

Robson’s successes include directing and animating the short film What Barry Says, a response to the US invasion of Iraq that combined 2D and 3D animation with a motion-typographic aesthetic. The film played at festivals throughout the world including the prestigious Edinburgh Film Festival and won best animation at The Brooklyn International Film Festival and The London Portobello Film Festival as well as receiving the London CEN award for best animation.

Amongst others Robson has also worked as an animation director for the world-renowned production company, Nexus Productions. His commercial work at Nexus includes commercials for Nike and Seeds of Change as well as a 60 second promotional spot for Adidas featuring the world’s best soccer players. Most recently he has directed commercials for Save The Children, The Observer, Channel 4 and The Guardian.

In 2007 Robson collaborated with British documentary director Chris Atkins, to direct the animation for the documentary feature film Taking Liberties. The film, which addresses the decline of Civil Liberties in the UK since 1997 went on to be nominated for a BAFTA in 2008.

Most recently Robson conceived, directed and produced Coalition of the Willing, a collaborative animated film involving over twenty of the best animation studios from all over the world. A post-Copenhagen environmental film with a pro-active message, Coalition of the Willing’s production model practices what it preaches; crowd creativity. Coalition of the Willing was featured on the UK national newspaper The Guardian's website, has had over 120,000 views online and makes up part of 2010's onedotzero and Soho short film festival and Ottawa film festival programs.

Simon Robson has also been the Keynote speaker at OFFF conference in Paris and at the F5 creativity conference in New York, a speaker on The Future of Animation panel at the London Apple store and has spoken on various topics at Onedotzero and The Norwich Animation festival.

Engine EP Adam Wells said, “Simon joining us is a real coup for Engine. In the changing worlds of production and post production we needed a really innovative director and creative director for both live action and design. This role is more than a traditional CD and requires creative guidance and leadership to help take Engine forward and get the most for our clients. I’m happy to say Simon has all of these qualities and is a perfect fit. Simon has a truly unique style and vision and is not afraid to take risks creatively in order to bring something to a project that others simply cannot. We are delighted to have Simon on board and will be introducing him to all of our clients personally in the weeks to come.”

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