SPA announces finalists for Screen Diversity and Inclusion Network Award

Rob Collins in 'The First Inventors'.

Screen Producers Australia (SPA) has unveiled the six finalists for this year’s Screen Diversity and Inclusion Network (SDIN) Award, designed to recognise an Australian-based project, producer, production company, or screen organisation that has made a significant contribution to diversity and inclusion, either on or offscreen, within the Australian screen industry.

Lingo Pictures’ Erotic Stories, Ronde Media’s First Inventors, Hoodlum Entertainment’s In Our Blood, Bunya Productions’ Limbo, Switch Productions and Other Pictures’ Marungka Tjalatjunu (Dipped in Black), and the second season of Lone Star Production Group’s Strait to the Plate will contest this year’s prize, to be announced by SDIN co-chairs Olivia Khoo and Loani Arman at the beginning of next month’s SPA Awards ceremony.

Khoo said each of the finalists inspired, educated, and entertained audiences, while challenging stereotypes.

“The shortlist, including The First Inventors, Marungka Tjalatjunu (Dipped in Black), Erotic Stories, Limbo, and In Our Blood, tell bold new Australian stories on screen,” she said.

“We are pleased with the strong pool of contenders and at the important strides made by network members in giving under-represented groups the opportunity to tell their own stories and see themselves reflected on screen.”

Arman paid tribute to the awards jury for selecting projects that “actively push the boundaries of representation on our screens for under-represented and historically excluded groups, as well as strive towards better industry practices off-screen, too”.

“We look forward to celebrating the winner of the SDIN Award at Screen Forever 38,” she said.

The SPA Awards will be held on the final day of this year’s Screen Forever, which is set to take place on the Gold Coast from March 19 – 21.