Sydney Film School and Palace Cinemas Partner to Highlight Emerging Film Talent


Sydney Film School has partnered with Palace Cinemas to have its student film shorts showcased in the Autumn season of the Chauvel Cinémathèque running until 12th May this year. Over 10 weeks, 10 short films created by students will be screened before feature films every Monday night to members. The autumn movies for Cinémathèque range from old-school suspense and horror to sci-fi.

The 10 shorts include:

• 28 Feb – Camera Obscura by Marta Maia (2010) is the story of Maria who lives inside her Camera Obscura, until the day she feels that things outside are changing and no one seems to notice those changes.
• 3 Mar – April's Vermillion by Tom Earls( 2012) is the story of Holland Patrick, a young author who deals with a break-up through his writing.
• 10 Mar – Human Meat Factory by Anna Han (2011) takes us into real human meat slaughterhouses and reveals the shocking and disturbing truth about the burger we eat every day.
• 17 Mar – Stuck by Matthew Jelly (2013) is the story of a man stuck in the future who finds that the answer to going back in time was with him all along.
• 24 Mar – Listen by Luca Bogo (2011) highlights the events that unfold through the night after Johnny starts recording strange sounds with a directional microphone.
• 31 Mar – Nowhere To Be Found by Chinnapat Pothieng(2013) is a story of the differences in perception between death, life and life after death in Thai culture and Western cultures.
• 7 Apr – The Adventure of Albert Stone by Jacob Starfelt (2012) – One step left to take.
• 14 Apr – Seuls Les Vestiges by Tristan Soreau (2012) is the story of a man and a child being transported through different times and spaces.
• 28 Apr – Oppenheimer by Davide Carta (2011) narrates the story of how the father of the atomic bomb, Robert J. Oppenheimer, contemplates the cause and consequence of his creation on the night following the bombing of Hiroshima.
• 5 May – Go Quickly by Michael McLennan (2005) tells the story of a Chinese man who whisks his kids away for what is presumed to be an outing. The horrifying reality becomes apparent as the film unfolds.

Event: Chauvel Cinémathèque
Date: 26th February – 12 May 2014
Time: 7:00pm
Venue: Paddington Town Hall, Cnr Oxford St & Oatley Rd, Paddington 2021

For pricing, tickets and detailed scheduled, please visit the above listed url.

The partnership with Palace reiterates Sydney Film School's commitment to showcasing student work in a professional environment. The school's graduates are winning competitive roles to work on films including The Hobbit, The Great Gatsby, The Wolverine, The Lord of the Rings andprominent TV shows including The Voice and Masterchef. Alumni including Epiphany Morgan (365 docobites), Gracie Otto (Chalky), Maya Newell (Gayby Baby) and Daniel Hayward (This is Roller Derby) are directing their own projects too.

The Sydney Film School is one of the top private film schools globally[1], renowned for its unique blend of creativity and practical realism.

The Sydney Film School courses combine the teaching of creative processes and practical hands-on film production, with the emphasis on practice. The classes in both drama and documentary production cover all essential aspects of filmmaking: from Pre-production (research, scriptwriting, pitching, casting, production management, design etc), to Production (crewing, working with actors, lighting, filming, recording etc) and Post-production (editing, music, sound mixing, copyright, distribution etc).

The Sydney Film School community is global, with students from 42 different countries attending the school since 2004. More than 140 quality documentaries, dramas and individual thesis films, exploring all manner of cinematic forms are being produced each year, dozens of them participating at prestigious local and international festivals. To date 99 films have screened in more than 140 festivals worldwide, winning over 40 awards.

The Sydney Film School family includes established filmmakers such as Academy Award winner and Industry Patron of Sydney Film School Emile Sherman (The King's Speech), feature filmmaker and Artistic Director Ben Ferris (Penelope), and alumni emerging filmmakers such as Gracie Otto,Maya Newell and Epiphany Morgan.