Sydney filmmakers travel the world for doc series

Award-winning filmmaker couple Epiphany Morgan and Carl Mason are four months into their incredible and astounding documentary series 365 docobites.

The duo, who first met in Epiphany’s native Kings Cross in 2009, daringly quit their jobs at the beginning of this year, before setting off around the world to meet a Stranger each and every day to document their stories as slices of life, in a truly global sense. Morgan and Mason worked full time to get 365 docobites off the ground for 7 months before leaving Australia. In that 7 months the pair honed their skills and trained themselves to film and edit quickly – developing their trademark ‘run and gun’ filming style, which allows them to film, edit, finish and publish a docobite online every single day for a year.

Morgan (23) and Mason (27) share not only a passion for filmmaking but also a passion for sharing real peoples’ stories with heart. 365 docobites captures the essence of a person, a Stranger, that exact moment in their life; humorous or horrific, dramatic or delightful. What do these people look like, what do they think about, what makes them laugh, cry, scream and shout? 365 docobites aims to answer these questions and introduce the people of the world to each other via 365 docobites’ purpose-built website and multiple social media platforms.

Each day a new docobite is published online and this content currently reaches over 100,000 people each week – that number is consistently growing. 365 docobites is an ever-expanding, daily archive, a global census, a snapshot of life in different countries for one entire year. Statistically, 50% of people watch online video content every day – the majority of what they watch is real content, about real people. Human beings will always be curious about other human beings and by reaching this growing online community of global thinkers, the 365 docobites filmmakers hope to facilitate a breakdown of fears, prejudices, cultural/religious barriers and overcome the dangerous and often hateful ignorance that seems to pervade each corner of the populated world. A daily dose of humanity to remind people that they are, at their core, very similar.

Epiphany Morgan and Carl Mason both have extensive backgrounds in filmmaking. Morgan directed the award-winning documentary, The Room. She also won Best Student Direction at the 2012 Australian Directors Guild Awards for her work on this film. Morgan has created commercials for numerous well-known brands and clients including, Forty Winks, Bing, Accor and Bacardi Lion. Community-minded, Morgan has also made an impact with her commercial and corporate work, working with clients such as The Children's Medical Research Centre on their campaign for Jeans for Genes Day. She also directed and shot the documentation of the Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation (ALNF). Carl Mason has worked as Senior Editor for a leading TV commercial production company creating content for Fox Sports, Channel Seven, Network Ten and SBS. Together, the pair have been a filmmaking duo for a number of years, creating work for clients such as Vets Beyond Borders, which included travelling to India, shooting, directing and editing CSA’s and educational short documentaries for the charitable organisation.

To view the current trailer for 365 docobites which showcases the last 4 months of the online documentary series, please visit:

“Quitting is not an option for us. We believe in the work we’re doing and are determined to share 365 stories!”
– Epiphany Morgan, 365 docobites Director

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